ERIC Systems’ Risk Manager is an integrated suite of programs designed for the day-to-day administration of workers' compensation, property & casualty, professional liability, and general liability claims.  It is an Internet capable, multi-state, client-server application designed to maximize performance in high volume environments. It is suitable for use by any size organization that is self-insured and self-administered, a third-party administrator (TPA), governmental agency, insurance carrier, association of self-insureds, and/or retrospective rating group.

Risk Manager has been in production use and under continual development since 1982.  This long heritage is reflected in the comprehensive nature of its design and the ease with which it can handle the complex regulatory environments of multiple State agencies and the Federal government.

An intuitive user interface, extensive configuration options, comprehensive security, and flexible reporting are areas where Risk Manager shines.  Each business unit (referred to as an employer) defined within an enterprise (a collection of related employers) can have a unique organizational structure to easily handle the most complex reporting requirements.  System access is controlled by a function-oriented security system.  Access rights may be assigned to individual users or the same rights to many users using profiles.  Access to claim information can also be limited to one or many organizational levels or to claims associated with a policy carrier.  Source files for over 450 standard reports are supplied.  An optional module gives users the ability to incorporate their own reports using our proprietary interface to Crystal Reports v9 and later.

Risk Manager is a real-time design, meaning that there are no posting routines required at the end of day or to prepare for end of period reporting.  Transactions affect financial totals as soon as the entry is saved.   End of period closings can be completed without disrupting daily operations.

Though comprehensive and powerful, Risk Manager remains simple to install and maintain.  All data, including correspondence items, image files (pictures and documents), archive copies of ACH and positive pay extract files, EDI files created for regulatory compliance, and third-party bill review import files are stored in the SQL Server database.  There is only one file to backup, which makes the potential for data loss extremely low.

Unlike many older claims administration applications, Risk Manager was initially developed for use with personal computers.  As a result, the interface takes advantage of and complements the user-friendly environment associated with desktop computing.  We always encourage feedback from our clients, and endeavor to incorporate their ideas to optimize procedures for searching and retrieving information.

Risk Manager was developed using the latest available versions of industry standard tools for development, including Microsoft VB NET, SQL Server 2008 R2, and Crystal Reports 2008.  Many organizations already use these products, allowing them to leverage their existing skills base to customize Risk Manager to meet their specific needs.

Most importantly, ERIC Systems offers Risk Manager as an “off-the-shelf” application for claims administration.  All versions of the program have essentially the same set of features.  Site specific requirements and/or capabilities, not of interest or not applicable to all users, are easily accommodated by optional modules.

Unlike most other software developers, our support policy is to offer continuous distribution of updates and enhancements to all users with a current technical support agreement.  This means your version of Risk Manager is always as current and up-to-date as the day it was first installed.


If You Like Our Business Philosophies, You'll LOVE Risk Manager!

We don't believe a claims administration application needs to cost six figures (or more).
An entry level (single enterprise, single employer) version of Risk Manager starts at only $19,995.

We don't force our clients to acquire periodic costly MAJOR program updates in order to stay current.
All clients with a current technical support agreement receive all updates and program enhancements.  Your copy of Risk Manager retains its value and never becomes obsolete.

We don't believe in charging extra for every user accessing our program.
Risk Manager is provided with a file server license. There are no “per user” or “per seat” charges payable to ERIC Systems to install Risk Manager on another workstation or to provide remote access to another client.  Feel free to Invite your clients and/or department managers to participate in the claims administration process without having to incur extra fees.

We don't believe technical support response times should be measured in days and weeks.
A phone call gets an immediate response, with most problems solved within one business day.  In fact, the President of the company will likely answer your call for assistance.

We don't believe anyone should have to get a purchase order before asking for technical support.
If you have a question or need help solving a problem, we believe you should be able to pick up the phone and speak with a person who is knowledgeable and experienced with Risk Manager, your organization's particular requirements, AND the most common policies and procedures for claims administration.  ERIC Systems does not subscribe to or condone policies for “per incident” charges for telephone technical support nor do we charge extra for remote desktop support.

We don't believe in closed or proprietary system architectures.
The Risk Manager database is ODBC compliant and is not encrypted.  We believe it's YOUR data and you should have the right to use it in any manner you deem reasonable and proper.  A variety of utilities are either provided or available to extract data sets to a spreadsheet for analysis and graphing. An optional module is available offering up to 100 user configurable financial dashboards, a powerful chart editor to create presentation quality charts, and simple-to-use SQL Query Tool.

We believe our responsibility is to provide a single application to collect and analyze every area of operations relating to claims administration.
workers' compensation, property & casualty, general liability, professional liability, property and fleet inventories, safety and inspection tracking, insurance certificate tracking, litigation, medical fee adjusting, OSHA and regulatory compliance, and more can be addressed by Risk Manager.

Our mission is to provide an highly customizable, secure application that can be configured to meet the specific requirements of even the most demanding of clients.
We understand that no two businesses are the same and every CFO, Claims Manager, and Safety Manager has his/her own way of doing business.  Risk Manager includes more than 150 user configurable coding schemes to address even the most demanding of environments.  No need to stuff every client into the same box.

TPA’s... Risk Manager is the tool that makes you stand out in a very competitive market place.
Our clients always tell us what they need to be successful and we try to incorporate their comments into our development schedule.  The market is constantly changing, especially in response to changes in technology.  All other factors being equal, if you can't offer all of the technology bells and whistles touted by your competition, you won't get the contract.   You can always expect Risk Manager to address these changes in a timely manner.