What's new in Risk Manager

v9.1 - 9/28/2016

  • Claim Data Query Tools - Enhanced to include data from Primary and Excess insurance carriers.
  • Retrospective Claim Module - Lookup of State ID's from an open claim have been added.
  • Excess Coverage Percent - Grids now display excess percentage with color coordinated background.
  • Database Passwords - Now securely stored in an encrypted format.
  • New: Task Processor and Task Console - Automated and unattended data processing. Updates reporting snapshot of claim data in a distributed manner, improving overall system performance.
  • Updated Mobile Database - Data may now integrated between two databases through by using the Task Processor and Task Console.
  • New: Android Mobile Application - For use with the Risk Manager Mobile database. Allows a claims examiner to view alerts and diaries remotely. Demonstrations of this application are available.


v9.0 - 12/23/2015

  • Policies and SIR Erosion - Risk Manager has a new way of handling all types of insurance policies. SIR's will be hidden from the screen during this upgrade process.
  • Policy Creation - Policies are now organized like many of the Risk Manager coding schemes. A grid has been added and available for easier maintenance fo policy definitions.
  • Claim Coverage Totals - Companion table to the claim totals table has been added. With this table, custom user reports can be created more easily.
  • Form 1099-MISC - The 1099-MISC module will support reporting payments made to claimants (box 3).  However, the module is still being tested.  An update of the module that implements this feature only will be published in the near future.
  • OIICS Coding Schemes - For WA Retrospective Rating Groups, the addition of the four (4) OIICS code mapping schemes will address the issues while importing data.
  • Union Identifiers - Union Local Number or Identifier and the Collective Bargaining Agreement Maintenance Rate (CBA Main Rate) have been added to the claim employment form.
  • Excess Carrier Reimbursements - A new claim transaction record type 'E' has been added. This record type will uniquely identify those transactions which are recoveries from excess carriers.
  • New Query Modules - Similar to existing query tools, queries on transactions, occurrences, and incidents have been added.


v8.2 - 4/15/2015

  • Export Data From Query - The financial query tool has been enhanced to allow exporting any combination of the 398+ fields. Available formats are CSV, fixed length, and options are included for delimiters.
  • Transaction Query Module - Transaction grid has been replaced by a query module similar to other query functions included with Risk Manger
  • Transaction is 1099 Reportable - A check box has been added to allow a claim transaction to be marked as being 1099 reportable. 1099 Printing will show an estimate of number of claimant 1099s that will be printed.
  • Close All Windows - A button has been added to the main program window. This button will close all open windows.